Fall 2012 Colors!

Fall 2012 Colors!

Take a look at this seasons’ color picks! So excited about these bold choices!


Published by Windy J Cumberbatch, CPC

Chronic Illness Advocate!

2 thoughts on “Fall 2012 Colors!

    1. Carl,
      Thank you for your question! Since your skin tone is that of a “Cool” nature, meaning that your skin is a darker brown-black; you definately want to go with the following colors:
      White, Charcoal, Black, True Red (if you like Red), Lemon Yellow and Emerald! These colors tend to complement your skin tone and bring out your eye and hair color as well. Keeping that in mind, refer back to the Fall 2012 Color Pallette that I posted on November 14 to get inspiration on what colors are in for the remainder of this year. Don’t be afraid of bold colors…men are really stepping out of their comfort zones this year and taking on brighter- bolder colors.
      Hope that helps!

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