Vintage Is In!

When you think about fashion, you can’t help but reflect on all things “vintage”.  What does it mean for an item to be considered vintage anyway?  Well that’s a great question!  According to Wikipedia, “Vintage is a generic term used for second hand garments from a previous era”.  Generally speaking the time period between 1920 and about 1960 is the time period being referenced.

Fast forward to 2012, and I am sure that you have noticed that all things Vintage is really popular right now.  Fur is a vintage trend that can be seen throughout fashion this season.  Whether a fur vest (really hot now), wrap or coat; you will definitely make a statement with this look.  One of my favorite looks happens to be the vest (faux or real) with a pair of vintage jeans, white shirt and depending on where I’m headed a leopard print flat or wedge boot!  No matter what your fashion style is, the important thing to note is that if it’s vintage, there’s a great chance that it will work!

In addition to the 1920-1960 time period, the 80’s look is making a comeback as well.  Cropped sweaters and tops with pleated cropped pants also make a good outfit!

So what if you are wanting to get into Vintage Fashion, however don’t own any pieces.  Below are a few stores in the Austin area where you might find some good deals on truly vintage items:

*Platos Closet (if you’re into second hand garments this is a great place to start)

*Cream Vintage

*Feathers Boutique

*Blue Velvet

So the next time you are out shopping, just go for it!  You just might love it!

“Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love.  Beauty comes when fashion succeeds”.

-Coco Chanel


Published by Windy J Cumberbatch, CPC

Chronic Illness Advocate!

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