If you are looking for a way to spice up your look this Spring, then this post is for you! Hotter, brighter, spicier lips this season will definitely get you noticed.  From Hot Pink (Fuchsia) to Burnt Orange (Tangerine)-these fun color choices are easy looks to create and are sure to give you the trendy, flirty look you’re going for.

Try mixing a the two colors together for an even more dramatic look!


Rihanna in Tangerine

Rihanna in Tangerine



lip 2





Try putting on one color then sliding on one swipe of the other color for an even more dramatic look.  The more dramatic the better!

What’s your favorite?  Tangerine or Fuchsia?  My favorite has to be a tie between the two!  I wore Tangerine for the first time a few weeks ago and to my surprise I really liked it!

Some of the most popular brands and price points are:

-Chanel: $32.50

-Clinique: $16

-Lancôme: $26

-YSL: $34



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