What’s Your Personal Style?

Style is the expression of someone’s personality through their appearance. There really isn’t a “best” style; meaning there is no one look that is right for all people. My job as Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist is to help clients find their own sense of personal style and express what is natural for them. What feels best on a client typically is what looks best!

Here are a few basic styles to help you uncover your style preference:

This look never goes out of style! A person fitting this profile uses a neutral palette for makeup and has defined cheekbones, eyes dressed with mascara, and define brows. Hair is likely in a chignon or pulled back. Celebs that fit this profile include Gwyneth Paltrow and Sophia Loren.

Dramatic people are self-confident and flamboyant. They wear defined eye makeup, use their face as a palette like an artist working with a canvas. The person that fits this profile love to wear black heels and black slacks. Celebs that fit this profile include Beyoncé and Victoria Beckham.

This woman fills the room with her presence. Her look is polished and classic, with makeup based on a neutral palette. Her lip color and eye makeup are soft but her lashes are dramatic! An elegant woman may wear a black Armani suit. Celebs that fit this profile include Grace Kelly and Katie Holmes.

Women with this style have a more wholesome look. They often wear minimal makeup, with maybe a touch of lipstick and/or mascara. Their clothing is comfortable and cozy. They style their hair simply, maybe pulled back in a ponytail or loosely laying on their shoulders. Celebs who fit this style include Michelle Pfeiffer and Cameron Diaz.

This person wears romantic frilly, feminine clothing. They love to wear soft makeup with pink and lavender colors. Celebs that fit this profile include Jennifer Love Hewitt.

When a woman with a sporty-chic style gets dressed, she does not invest much time or thought, however still manages to look fabulous. They may wear something such as a grey pair of trousers with loafers, a turtle-neck sweater and a jacket. Their hair is short or simply styled. Women who define this style include Katharine Hepburn and Jennifer Garner.

Having researched the different styles, I would have to say that I most identify with the Elegant style. What style to you identify with? I would love to hear from you! Send me an email to windy@allthewaylife.net or inbox me at facebook.com/allthewaylife!

Be fabulous,

Georgia Donovan, Author-The Clothes Doctor


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