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Finding the best colors that make you look great can often seem like a daunting task, but it can be done. My goal is help take the guess-work out of finding the colors that make your skin appear fresh, your eyes pop and brighten your smile!

I’ve found that by holding a blank piece of white paper near your face is the best way to discover “your color”. In doing so, do your cheeks appear slightly pink or blue? If you answered yes, then your skin has “cool” undertones. On the other hand, if your skin appears more orange and/or yellow then you have “warm” undertones. Now that was the easy…right? Now let’s take a moment to identify some tips on color combos that will flatter you. Sometimes the most flattering colors will not be one ones that you typically like, so please don’t count them out! You just may be able to find ways to “sneak” those pops of color into your wardrobe and bring out your best features!

Let’s get started!

Warm Undertones:
1- Burgundy- A deeper red with a little more purple is better for women who have warm skin tones.
2- Camel- Warm skin types look bold next to this rich neutral color.
3- Lavender- Benefits warm skin tones more so than any other “soft” shade.
4- Mossy Green- Give some contrast to warm skin tones.

Cool Undertones:
1- Navy- Is the “go to” for those with cool undertones. It brings out the natural “blue” that’s already in the skin.
2- Emerald Green- Is a green with a hint of blue, so naturally this works well for cool skin.
3- Icy Blue- This will make pale skin and eyes really pop!


Warm/Cool Color Wheel
Warm/Cool Color Wheel

Whatever your skin tone, wearing the right color can make or break your outfit, so use this as a guide to put your best foot forward.  To make your outfit really pop, you can try putting together shades that compliment each other that are complete opposites:




Any of these pairings will make each other appear brighter and bolder when worn together!

Until next time Dahlings,



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