Introducing Designer Maria Lorenzo

Maria Lorenzo is a luxury brand with a simple concept, to provide women with exquisite shoes that are also comfortable for long periods of time. All Items made in Italy.

Maria Lorenzo a lover of high heels and a former model she was tired of looking for that perfect shoe that came wrapped in comfort, so she set out to Italy to research and design her dream shoe. After working closely and directly with artisans in Marche, Velentia and Bologna, her dream was realized, by combining uniquely designed insoles placed in specific places and balanced platforms. These aspects balance the weight evenly, without pushing the weight to the heel or to the toes, giving the wearer an all day comfort. Maria decided to share this secret with other ladies that seek amazing designer shoes, that offer maximum comfort. The collection is made in Italy from the finest materials, vibrant colours and crafted by the same artisans that deliver impeccable quality to the likes of Gucci, Prada and Armani. Its finally true, women don’t have to chose between fashion and comfort

Check out some of her amazing shoes below!



I absolutely love her work and hope that you will too!  Of course for more information on Maria Lorenzo, please visit her website

Until next time Dahlings,



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